Grade 8s in action: QR Codes in the Learning Commons

This year was my first time trying a Scavenger Hunt and using QR Codes for clues. The incredible Gwyneth A. Jones inspired me She is a creative dynamo in the world of teacher-librarians!

After a brief introduction to our Learning Commons, we took time together looking at our blog. It was important the students became familiar with the resources and links available to them on the blog. The bracelets were a nice reminder of our blog address, and a reminder of our name change (from Library to Learning Commons.) We also discussed the benefits of joining our virtual book club “The JH Readers’ Cafe.”

Then the real fun began!

The students had 10 stations to work through, and they could work in pairs or teams of three. I had them download an app that scans barcodes before they came to the Learning Commons, although some downloaded upon arrival.

Next, using their phones they scanned the QR Codes for clues or answers to questions about our Learning Commons. The scavenger hunt eventually took them to our database. There they became reacquainted with our search system and finished their assignments.

It’s easy to see from the photos that the kids were fully engaged and having fun. The point of the exercise was to have the students become familiar with their new high school Learning Commons, but more important than that, I wanted them to be comfortable enough to return and not feel intimidated or overwhelmed when they did.

I am here to help and we will have fun learning together 🙂 

Hallelujah to that!!

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  1. Fran Smith

    Well done Mrs. Hall. When will you sit down, put your feet up and sip a cup of tea??

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