Caricature Me

Last week the grade 8 Art class was working in the Learning Commons. I introduced them to a great little app called Caricature Me.

This app allows you to take pictures with the iPads, and create a variety of amazing caricatures. The students loved taking pictures of each other, and of their teachers. After taking some pictures the students chose one photo and experimented with: the different caricature styles, the different drawing options (black/white sketch, rainbow sketch, realistic colour sketch), and the different frame style options.

Once the students were happy with the caricature they created on the iPad, they then started a reproduction on paper. Having a picture on the iPads to guide them really helped the students focus on the facial features that needed the most exaggeration. The app was a great introduction to what a caricature is. It also helped the students understand what facial features needed to be focused on, and how to bring out the expression through comical exaggeration in their portraits. A special thanks to Mr. Smith – it’s always fun to work with you and your students!

Image ImageImage 29 Image 28


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