A virtual tour of our Learning Commons

Every time we try a new unit in the Learning Commons I don’t hold my breath hoping it works, because If I did I would have passed out too many times to mention!

Some days I almost hate to say I’m a teacher, because I feel like I’m more of a facilitator that offers ideas, suggestions, and support. Of course I try to scaffold student learning where I can, but we are a team, and the students end up helping each other, teaching each other, supporting each other, and teaching me! Isn’t that what true collaboration is all about?

I have read that the number one reason an employer will let someone go isn’t because they aren’t capable, but because they can’t work well as a team. If that is true, then the Learning Commons will help to mold an entire generation any employer would love to have on his/her team!

Take a look at our Learning Journey, it is young, evolving, exciting, exhausting, and it sometimes makes me nervous!!

The road may be bumpy at times, but when we get stuck in those pot holes the students will push us out, I know because I have hit a few  😉



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3 responses to “A virtual tour of our Learning Commons

  1. aaronvick

    Reblogged this on Learning about Teaching and Technology and commented:
    Thanks for the inspirational words, Ms. Hall

  2. What a great tour, Michelle. I want to come live in your LC! It’s an exciting place.

  3. Awesome video, Michelle! Absolutely love it! Really paints the picture of 21st century learning and the role of the Learning Commons!

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