Does Fiction Matter?

During the past week I have been focusing on fiction, and promoting Canadian Library month and Drop Everything and Read on National School Library Day, October 28th.

The big question...

The big question…

I invited the English 8 classes into the Learning Commons and we attempted to answer the question: Does Fiction matter?
We started with a brief discussion on the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Then we reminded them about using descriptive language in their writing, and the 5 “Ws” they should think about when writing a short story (this had been previously discussed in class).

Story Prompts

Story Prompts

I then held up an example of a story prompt (from a series of wordless photos), and together we brainstormed ideas for good opening sentences.

Their classroom teacher divided the students into groups of three, and we began the Flash Fiction Writing Carousel. I had 9 stations set up that included one colour photo, one numbered station card, one pencil, and a piece of lined paper with 2 paper clips on top.


The first sentence of the story was the hardest, and it took the most thought and group discussion. The students were instructed not to turn the paper down to hide their first sentence, but to wait and hide the top sentence when they finished their 2nd story (so one line is only visible). We also told them to leave a space between every sentence to make the folding of the paper easier. When the groups completed all 9 stations we read some of the stories out loud (some we saved to be read out later in their classroom by their teacher).

Answering the question

Answering the question

Working together!

Working together!

Building the story

Building the story

Next, the same groups were given a sheet of paper and asked to answer this question: Does Fiction Matter?

It seemed easy for the students to write down one or two ideas, but then they really had to start thinking a little more. After 15 min we shared some of our results, and it was fun to see how passionate some student became about the need for Fiction.

I finished our sessions with a Book Talk on the 8 nominated titles for Surrey Teens Read and other new arrivals in the Learning Commons. The students had a quick book exchange, and they were all very excited to get their hands on some of the books I introduced to them.

Group brainstorm

Group brainstorm

Book Talk

Book Talk

So… by the end of the two classes did the students answer the question?

The students said that fiction is interesting because it tells a story and it entertains us. Fiction takes us to places, and it makes us feel something – that could be terror, joy, or sadness, but it transports us into someone else’s world, and they thought that was exciting. They told me reading would be boring without fiction, and they even came up with another question. Without fiction, where would all the great movies come from? Yup, stories are a powerful thing, and who doesn’t love a good story?

 “Without a doubt the two best words in the English language are The End”        Ken Scott


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