Vlogging a great book!

It has been a while since my last post, primarily because of moving to a new school. It takes time getting to know a new staff and build relationships. But change can be fun and invigorating. So, now I’m enjoying teaching, learning, and sharing with a terrific group of teachers from Elgin Park Secondary. This project was done in collaboration with Ms. Rosemary Rollins – an amazing English teacher at Elgin Park.

Class #1

In her classroom, Rosemary introduced her students to some children’s classics (titles from the Vancouver Sun Classic Children’s Book Collection). She then brought her class into the Learning Commons and we discussed the benefits of reading a classic. The students had made a list of 3 titles they would be interested in reading, they then had time to look through the titles and choose one for their novel study. The students had three weeks to finish reading their book.IMG_4597


A few weeks later, the students returned to the Learning Commons and we had a lesson on Vlogging – what it is, and why it’s become popular. We also looked at examples of some YA Teen Vloggers who have a large following on Youtube and Instagram – they LOVED this!

Next, I introduced them to a free app I installed on our iPads called Knovio. It’s a great tool for uploading images and recording a students voice and  face. It also has a feature where you can type notes so the presenter can have cue cards in view when recording. If a student is uncomfortable recording their face, then he/she can shut off the camera and record voice only to accompany their slides. We spent a few minutes and reviewed some recording tips to help make a more polished presentation, and I showed them how to use an app called Skitch (which allows you to write text on any images, or add an arrow to highlight an area of an image). After our lesson, the students completed a handout as review and started working on their storyboard sketch.IMG_4775


A few days later we invited Ms. Miller’s grade 7 class to join us from Chantrell Creek Elementary. I gave the grade 7’s a short introduction to Vlogging before the 9’s came down, and then I gave them a worksheet they would work through with our grade 9’s.  After the grade 7’s completed their interview, the pairs worked together looking for images to add to the presentation. The grade 9’s had been asked to focus on one particular narrative element for their vlog – so images needed to reflect their focus. IMG_4781


For the 4th class, our grade 9’s came to work in the Learning Commons alone. They worked on completing their final recordings, and then emailed a link to their teacher, teacher-librarian, and grade 7 buddy. Their Vlogs will be evaluated using this rubric and some vlogs will be shared with the class. Vlog Shot

This project was fun and not a big headache in terms of technology. We used Knovio, Skitch (by those who wanted to add effects), and a Gmail app that I installed on our iPads. The Gmail app made it easy for students to sign into their Gmail and copy/paste a project link for sharing. We warned all of the students in advance to have a Gmail.

The students enjoyed working with the Knovio app, and they really enjoyed learning about vlogging and watching the YouTube clips of teen vloggers. Most had never heard of vlogging, and most had never read any of these children’s classics. I think we forget, that even with all the Disney adaptions, these stories are often new for many students – especially our ELL students.

So, how do you promote the classics in your schools? I would love to hear about it.  A classic never goes out of style! 🙂


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