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Selfies: contemporary self-portraits #me

So ask yourself, “Does your online identity paint a complete portrait of who you are?”

The “selfie” has become such a global phenomena that it has universally connected us through the language of self-expression : #selfie, #me, #closeup, #myselfandi. Just spend some time on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or Twitter, and you will quickly find a world of people willing to share a piece of themselves through their smart phones. There is a sense of control when we take a selfie, you can control how you will look in a picture before it is put out there for the world to see. However, the reality is, we can never control how people really see us.



This was an incredible project designed by Gary Smith, one of our art teachers at Johnston Heights. Gary was assisted by the very talented Donna Sheh, who is working with Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS. The project started when Gary brought his Gr 9 art class to the Learning Commons. I loaded the photo-bucket app onto our iPads, and then assisted students with editing and uploading their photos to a Dropbox file we made for their class. The rest of the project was completed in the Art room over the next few weeks, and the student had some interesting class discussions around the questions on their reflection sheets. The following pictures show how it came together for a final gallery display at the Bell Centre – Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS Education Program partnership  with @Surrey_Schools on Wednesday, May 21 (7 – 8:30 PM).

The entire project from photos, to forms, to covers, to installation – was a big undertaking, but well worth it. Our students were excited to see their work come together in one large exhibit of contemporary sculpture. It is a dynamic visual representation of our youths’ culture and their involvement with social media. Such AWESOME work, Mr. Smith, and all the students in your class – you ROCK!! For more information go to:

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