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For the health of it: collaborating with our feeder school

“Hold your head up high and be proud! Remember we can smell fear, and there is nothing to fear because everyone is friendly at JH! I envy your youth because you are just going to be starting high school – it’s an exciting time for you! It’s the end for me, and I will miss it.” ~ Idris, JHSS Student


Those were some parting words of wisdom from a senior student for our visiting gr 7 class. It was such fun to spend time with the students from Berkshire Park Elementary. Plus, collaborating with the teacher-librarian (Kirstin Lintott @mrsbookblabber), and the grade 7 teacher (Janet Bates), was a pleasure for both our Superfit teacher, Tracey Riddoch and me.  We had the students work on parallel assignments, our hope was that the grade 12 Superfit class could help the gr 7s meet some learning outcomes for their Healthy Living assignment. But what really came out of this collaboration much more valuable than any lesson we could have dreamed up!

For the actual lesson, our grade 12s started by sharing some things they wish they had known about health & fitness when they were in gr 7. They emphasized going to bed at a decent time and getting sleep, “sleep is important and I never got enough when I was your age”, I heard a few of them say. They talked about packing a good lunch, and how much better they would feel eating healthy. They also told them not to waste money on non-nutritious fast food (our school is surrounded by fast food chains which can be a big temptation at lunch break). The gr 12s showed them how to use apps like MyFitnessPal – it houses a large food database for calorie counting, provides nutritional information on the foods consumed, and allows students to document their daily progress. The grade 12s also shared websites like bodybuilding.com  – great for a variety of health and fitness information like nutritional facts, recipes, and workouts to help make a healthy living plan. The grade 12s concluded the visit by taking each group on a short tour of our school. They made sure to focus on the gym, weight room, and our foods wing (where they will learn more about nutritious eating habits).

But the real value in this collaboration was in a message we had not predicted; that our school was going to be a fun/safe place to attend in September, and nope… they didn’t need to worry! On their way out the door I heard students say “that was fun”, and  “I’m not afraid to come to anymore”. Spending time with those “really big” kids showed the gr 7s that senior students may be big, but they are just kids: funny, silly, friendly, nice, and helpful kids.

Below you will find the grade 7 assignment as well as the Superfit pre-assignment and parallel assignment. We will probably do this again next-year with some changes/improvements, but overall it was a great experience for young and “old”. So… how do you collaborate with your feeder schools? I’d love to hear about it!

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