Web Tools To Try



ANIMOTO – slideshow animation and video creator

FAKEBOOK – template for a fake Facebook page

GLOGSTER – a virtual/multi-media poster board where you can  add music, photos, text or video. Great editing capabilities that let you rotate, resize, and add effects or animation. Glogster can be embedded into Wikis and blogs

HELLO SLIDE – lets you create slides with voice narration

PHOTO PEACH – share, create and embed your slides in minutes

POPPLET– collaborate in real time on presentations, mind maps or online bulletins

PRESENT ME – when you upload your presentation, you can record your voice through a webcam and microphone. The presentation then appears with your webcam recording on the right, and slides on the left.

PREZI – a presentation and story telling tool using text, image and video place on a virtual canvas

SLIDE.LY – build a slideshow using sources like: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Google Images, and photos from your friends or any from your computer. You can mix your photos with music from Soudcloud, YouTube, and have fun adding Instagram type effects.

SLIDESHARE – ” Slideshare is the best way to share presentations,documents and professional videos”

STORYBIRD – “short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. Read them like books, play them like games, and send them like greeting cards” The students can select an illustrator’s artwork and develop their written work to go with the images. These books are amazing and can also be printed to share.

TIME TOAST – create text and images in a timeline

VOICETHREAD – “a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents and videos”

WIKISPACES – “a wiki is a space on the web where you can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media”

XTRANORMAL – turn text or type into speech, and your words become become a 3-D animated movie


GOOGLE DOCS – “an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real time”

DROPBOX – share or store files on your pc, mobile device, or a web site (syncs your files)

EVERNOTE – share or store ideas, notes and files on pc, mobile device or web site

BUBBLE.US – mind maps and brainstorming tool

MINDMEISTER – collaborate, share or embed maps

WISE MAPPING – free mind mapping tool

GOOGLE MAPS –  web mapping service with satellite imagery

GMAIL – free webmail








YouTube – video sharing website

Vimeo – video sharing website

Flickr – photo sharing

Pinterest – pin images, videos and objects to a pin board

iMovie – create videos, movie trailers and do video editing

Garageband create original music or podcasts

Audioboo – easy recording and sharing of audio

Audiopal – create recordings through phone, mic, upload

Audacity – free audio editor and recorder

Avery – online audio editor that will record and remix audio clips

Screencast-O-Matic – a quick and easy screencasting tool

Screenr.comcreate screencasts – record your screen and voice and share to youtube

Jingimages and videos of what you see on your computer

Voicethread – “a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents and videos”

Sound Cloud – record and upload music and audio

Soundation – create and remix sound

UJam – make music and sound in minutes for free

Miro – video converter

Podomatic create or listen to podcasts

Evoca – “make audio recordings – your own voice, phone and Skype interviews and conference calls”

Irfanview – convert, view, scan, slide show

PIXresizer – resizing program for photos great for web and email friendly versions

 GrossOut – add some scary effects to your photos

Capzles  – a multimedia web tool that lets you experience your photos with music, video, blogs, documents and more

iPiccy – free photo editing

Picasa – photo editing and organizing

PicMonkey – create a collage or edit a photo

Bubblesnaps – adding speech bubbles to a picture

Image To Video – convert jpg to video

Sonic Pics – create, record, share and flip each image as you talk

TypoEffects  – create your own word art and cover your photos in text


EPALS – connect with other students around the world

SKYPE – keep in touch, or connect with other classrooms and specialist around the world

OPENSTUDY – students can work together to learn their class material

TAKEITGLOBAL – create or view projects – for teachers and students

WIKISPACES – share lessons and let your students collaborate


Animoto – slideshow animation and video creator

Tagxedo – like Wordle, but you can create bigger images

Wordle –  generate word clouds

Chogger – online comics with speech for thought bubbles

Go! Animate – animated lessons for or with your class

Kerpoof – animated comics

Pixton – make comics


BeFunky photo editing: “change you picture into an oil painting, vintage polaroids, or pop art”

Cartoonize.net “convert your photo and picture into a cartoon effect in one click”

WeeWorld Avatars

Girls Games Club Avatars

South Park Avatars

Simpsonify Yourself

Build Your Wild Self (New York Zoo & Aquarium)

Face Your Manga avatars 

Manga Avatars

Meeze Nation


List of Avatar Makers


EDMODO assignment, videos and links (much like FaceBook)

EDUCLIPPER – curate information: audio, video, images, blog posts

EDUTEACHER – great place to learn about new tools/resources for the classroom

GOOGLE EDUCATIONemail, videos, lesson plans and more

JEOPARDY LABS – create your own Jeopardy Game template without powerpoint, or link to


LIVEBINDERS – a virtual binder to collect and organize resources

MENTORMOB – create a learning playlist for study

POLL EVERYWHERE – fast feedback from students with text, web, or twitter (real time response)

SOCRATIVE – like Poll Everywhere, but with this tool you can see which students respond

QUIZLET – create study tools and flash cards

QUIZSTAR – create classes, quizzes, student logo in page, and multimedia files can be included

RUBISTAR –  find a rubric or create a new rubric

TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS – share lessons, or buy a great lesson for next to nothing

TIMETOAST – create timelines and share them

TED ED – videos organized by subject

YOUTUBE – has an education focused channel for teachers

19PENCILS – “Discover web sites, videos and more for your k-12 students from teachers all around the world” Free


i-Nigma QR Code Generator

Kaywa Qr Code Generator 


Google URL Shortener

Google Books – a large selection of digital book

Smithsonian Galaxy of Knowledge

How Stuff Work



Google Advance Search


Sweet Search 

Wolfram Alpha (provides data great for math and science)


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